LuxaDerme Firming Bio Cellulose Face Sheet Mask

  • LuxaDerme Firming - Bio Cellulose Face Sheet Mask is made out of 100% natural Fermented Coconut Jelly, which adheres to the face like a second skin.

    It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for well-hydrated, glowing and smoother looking skin. Also helps restore skin moisture and firmness.

    This disposable sheet mask is pre-cut to fit your face and pre-dosed to effectively deliver the custom blend of skin firming ingredients into your skin.

    It’s safe, hygienic and suitable for all skin types. Non-messy and non-sticky.

    Recommended to use twice a week for best results.
  • Enriched with active ingredients like Ceramide, Peptide & Adenosine, along with botanicals and antioxidants like Red Ginseng, Purslane and Sea Kelp.

    It’s FREE from any chemical or synthetic ingredients that may prove harmful to your skin. No Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Artificial Colors, Alcohol or Heavy Metals.
  • Cleanse: Clean and dry your face before using the mask.
    Apply:Open and gently remove the top and bottom mesh layers. Apply and smoothen the mask on your face so that it adheres evenly to the skin.
    Relax: De-stress for 20 to 30 minutes and let the serum absorb into your skin.
    Radiate: Remove the mask and gently massage, allowing the excess serum to absorb into the skin. Do not rinse your face. Use excess serum in the pack on hands and neck
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