Amazing results: heals cracked heels completely!

This is the best foot care product ever. Those of you who are viewing this review right now thinking whether to buy this product or not, rest assured that this is a good deal indeed. I had cracked heels and now they are healed completely. It took 4-7 days for the peeling to start and the results lasted more than two months. Peeling is completely pain and irritation free. Be careful to take care of the tender skin after peeling though because the skin is baby soft and needs to be well hydrated else it might get infected.

Ritu about the Peeling Foot Mask

Hydrates and brightens!

This sheet mask comes in between 2 mesh layers, I applied the mask for 30 mins and then removed it. After removing the mask my face felt so hydrated and soft and the after glow was prominent. I massaged the face lil bit till it got completely absorbed. Don't throw away the serum left in pack, apply on elbows, arms and neck. I love it.

Sakshi about the Brightening Face Sheet Mask

Absolutely in love with this!

Moisturizes and leaves your foot beautiful and smooth. I was actually impressed with this as its very easy to use and the results are satisfying , will buy more.
I think everyone should try it at least once, it's really that good.

Ivan Korah about the Foot Hydration Socks