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Introducing Bio-Cellulose - The new-age skin healer

Introducing Bio-Cellulose - The new-age skin healer

Our skincare rituals may become dull at times. We understand the necessity of applying Sunscreen every day and serum on our skin before night. But, we occasionally desire something to go out-of-the-box and add things to our routines. This is the time when  Sheet masks come to the rescue. They have become an integral element of beauty treatments all over the world, and the trendiest product that is leaving a mark in the skincare market. Sheet masks attempt to hydrate, moisturize, and brighten the skin.

The Sheet masks were originally developed in Korea, notably where women and men dedicate a great deal of effort to their skincare practices. 

Currently, Bio-Cellulose is the top-notch amongst the sheet masks. The category starts with Paper, pulp, cloth, tissue sheet mask, Bio-Cellulose being at the top of the category. (1) You may be curious what Bio-Cellulose is and what makes Biocellulose masks so distinctive. Continue reading to find out!

So, What exactly is Bio-Cellulose, and how is it made? 

Bio-Cellulose is a natural fiber, and its fibrils have a diameter of 20-100 nanometers. It is so thin that it is considered to be 1000 times thinner than normal human hair.

Bio-Cellulose was originally designed as an artificial skin to heal wounds and Transdermal Delivery System (TDS) to infuse medicine on burnt skin. It adheres like a second skin. But it is now utilized in the cosmetic industry as well. 

In a lab, microscopic bacteria convert glucose into cellulose, generating the fibers that make up the structure of the sheet masks. It requires the bacteria 10 days to produce enough Bio-Cellulose for biologists to "harvest" the fibers, hence why Bio-Cellulose masks are more efficient and expensive than regular paper masks. (2) 

Bio-Cellulose Sheet masks are preferred due to their superior qualities for adhering to skin over cotton masks without damaging the skin.

Why is Bio-Cellulose beneficial for the skin?

  • Bio-Cellulose is hydrophilic, which means it attracts water and can hold up to 100 times its dry weight.
  • Bio-Cellulose has a high level of crystallinity, which means that the microfibers in Bio-Cellulose textiles are tightly woven and quite robust and resilient.
  • Bio-Cellulose is sterile and free of toxins. Cellulose generated from typical plant cell walls comprises coarse polymers such as hemicelluloses, which are not prevalent in bio-cellulose.

Bio-cellulose fibers are also well-known for their ability to swiftly absorb nutrients and retain huge amounts of moisture, which may subsequently be supplied to our skin more effectively than other masks. It has a gel-like feel and is cold after a touch when applied. Consider them as the best investment for healthier skin.

Check out the LuxaDerme range of Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks as per your skin requirement and concern:

LuxaDerme Brightening Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask 

It is formulated with botanicals and antioxidants such as Green Tea and Bearberry to restore skin's healthy even tone and also promote tissue regeneration. It will give you an instant dose of radiance. 


LuxaDerme Detox Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask

Detoxifies, plumps, and firms the skin by eliminating dirt and toxins from pores. It is formulated with Effipulp and Lotus water base that soothes the skin from irritations giving it natural anti-aging effects.

LuxaDerme Revive & Radiate Mask 3 Step Tune-up Kit

Enriched with Apricot Scrub Cleanser, Bio-Cellulose Sheet mask, and a Booster Cream. It works as a quick facial at home. The active components boost moisture, improve the skin barrier, profoundly hydrate, and leave your skin looking bright and revitalized.

What’s so special about Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks?

Bio-Cellulose masks adhere to your skin so effectively that they effectively become your second skin. The gel-like mask sticks to your skin regardless of movement, and it will not dislodge even if you look down!

Another reason why Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks are special is that they do not lose moisture after application. As long as the sheet mask is on your skin, you can rest confident that your skin is consistently moisturized and the cherry on the cake is that they are Biodegradable. 

Why LuxaDerme?

LuxaDerme combines science, nature, and luxury to provide the best skincare. Being the pioneers in Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks, our face sheet masks are made of 100% Coconut Jelly. They are enriched with botanicals and are infused with a unique blend of ingredients for an effective and pampering experience.  LuxaDerme Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks are 4th generation, vegan, and paraben-free. 

LuxaDerme is a PETA-certified Vegan, plastic-negative firm that believes in social issues.

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