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Why Are Make-up Artists Now Using Sheet Masks As a Primer?

Why Are Make-up Artists Now Using Sheet Masks As a Primer?

Why Are Make-up Artists Now Using Sheet Masks As a Primer?

Prepping your skin is the most important step before applying make-up. While primers are a must-have for any make-up artist, today, one can find them in just about every make-up kit. Forming the base for a strong, long-lasting coat of makeup, they essentially fulfill a variety of requirements like an evening out your skin tone, covering pores and smoothening your skin’s surface by filling out wrinkles and fine lines.


However, make-up artists, as well as consumers, have now begun to prefer a more organic option in sheet masks as compared to chemical-rich creams. Whether you need to exfoliate or hydrate your skin, a sheet mask gives your skin the required treatment better and more quickly. Here’s why sheet masks are more advantageous and are being preferred over ‘traditional’ primers -

  • Uniform Application -
  • Manually applying a primer may leave a few pores exposed or you may miss some patches on your skin. Sheet masks fit your face perfectly and while this leaves you free to multitask, it also ensures that your face gets primed uniformly, without missing any parts of your skin.

  • Focuses on Skin Care -
  • Where ‘traditional’ primers are rich in chemicals,  most sheet masks are made of hydrating ingredients and infused with nutrient-rich extracts. Adding these masks to your make-up routine will not only rule out any possibility of product piling but also nourish your skin.

  • Instant Boost -
  • Available in a wide range, sheet masks are designed especially for the result you wish to achieve. Moreover, sheet masks are at more concentrated levels giving quick results based on the function of the mask. Once applied, you see results in a very short span of time. Whether it is to hydrate your skin or give it a natural boost, sheet masks have it all!

  • Ingredient Focus -
  • Sheet masks are made from special natural extracts that nourish, energize and revive your skin. Each selected ingredient plays an important role, be it helping to smoothen fine lines, building your skin’s natural defenses or packing in moisture.

  • Easy to use -
  • Using sheet masks is as easy as 1-2-3. Open the packet, unwrap the mask and apply it to your skin. Skincare could not get any simpler!

  • Eco-friendly -
  • Sheet masks are generally eco-friendly and biodegradable. Made from natural fibers and materials, they are easy to use and easy to discard without having to worry about any adverse implications. 

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