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Why is effipulp vital for your skin?

Effipulp® is a water-soluble active component derived from avocados supplied responsibly in Peru and South Africa. Effipulp is extremely useful for all skin types and has a long list of remarkable benefits, making it a must-have in the daily skincare routine.

Skin detoxing properties

Effipulp increases natural hyaluronic acid production to restore volume to aged, dry, and stressed skin which has a detoxifying impact on skin cells and promotes the recovery of activities. It promotes the proteasome and thioredoxin gene expression, the two functional actions that are necessary for detoxification.

Anti-aging properties

Because of Effipulp's detoxifying impact, the cells' functions are restored, and their capacity to synthesize hygroscopic substances such as hyaluronic acid is enhanced. Furthermore, it increases the formation of filaggrin and transglutaminase for moisture preservation due to improved stratum corneum cohesiveness. It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Retains Moisture

Furthermore, it is supposed to restore the processes responsible for protein repair and elimination and replenish the skin's surface, preventing dryness and boosting moisture retention. They are quite beneficial in terms of skin-strengthening and reducing water loss, resulting in more hydrated and healthy skin that can better protect itself against loss of moisture.

Good for acne treatment 

Because of their antibacterial qualities, they will aid in the control of breakouts to a large extent. Furthermore, because it contains lauric acid, Effipulp has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the treatment of acne.

Effipulp is a product that may be used at any time and can prove beneficial if you incorporate it into your skincare routine.  This powerful ingredient is a plumping and detoxifying ingredient that is infused in a wide range of skincare products. LuxaDerme Detox Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask is one such product infused with Effipulp that Detoxifies, plumps, and firms the skin by eliminating dirt and toxins from pores without harming it.

So, are you prepared to incorporate this multifunctional component into your skincare routine?

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