Bio Cellulose Face Sheet Mask

Why you should be using a Bio Cellulose mask instead of any other?

by LuxaDerme US September 12, 2018

Since its creation in 2015, LuxaDerme has been focusing on Bio Cellulose masks to offer you the best skin care experience possible. Our Brightening Bio Cellulose Face Sheet Mask and our Firming Bio Cellulose Face Sheet Mask are 100% natural, made out of fermented coconut jelly.

Different kind of masks is now widely available on the market, from cotton sheet mask to hydrogel masks and of course Bio Cellulose. They are all different but we wanted to share with you the 5 reasons why you should be using Bio Cellulose masks.

  • Thanks to its unique advanced technology, Bio Cellulose tissue has the ability to both absorb and donate the best moisturizing experience to your skin.

  • Bio Cellulose fibers are four times stronger than plant-based cellulose. Adding this to our Nanofibril 3D technology, our sheet mask adheres to your face like a second skin in order for every part of your skin to get its part of hydration.

  • Bio Cellulose masks retain 100 times their dry weight in fluids. That is the reason why our sheet mask will always be extremely moist. Once applied, it will deliver a very fresh and relaxing sensation.

  • Bio Cellulose masks help botanicals and active ingredients to penetrate deeply into your skin.

  • Not to mention that Bio Cellulose masks are environmentally friendly as they are 100% compostable.

LuxaDerme US
LuxaDerme US


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