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Stinky Feet - Causes & Remedies

It is extremely unpleasant when your feet start smelling after removing shoes and socks. However, the relaxing feeling after taking them off is very good, but the stinky smell is...

Here’s how you can do a Facial At-Home

Getting a facial is an excellent way to provide your skin with the quick boost of rejuvenation it needs. Your skin will be refreshed, soaked, peeled, and revitalized after a...

Best ways to pamper yourself on women's day

Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates International Women's Day. The day honors women's accomplishments while also emphasizing the need for more freedom for women. It also aims at...

Maskne - What is it and how to avoid it?

Maskne is a trendy word in the world of skincare. It refers to the acne that appears under your PPE mask as a byproduct of the fabric rubbing, friction, and...

Meet Pentavitin - The new Hydration Hero

Is your skin prepared for your next event?  It might be intimidating to see if your skin is dehydrated and you haven't even begun with an all-around skincare routine.  In...

Beauty sleep - Truth or a Myth?

Sleep will always have an effect on how you look and feel. The hours of sleep logged each night and the quality of sleep has a direct connection to the...


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